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Clean/Managed Fill Sites

We have Managed/Clean Fill sites available which enable us to manage your site preparation project from excavation to disposal of spoil, if you can provide detailed plans we can estimate the material to be removed and base course materials required.

At our Managed/Cleanfills we accept:

  • Soil
  • Clay
  • Rock
  • Concrete
  • Topsoil
  • Vegetation Mixed
  • Hardfill

These are guidelines only and you need to contact us prior to delivery of spoil.

We operate under strict Resource consented guidelines and have a specific management plan, covering all aspects of operation and management for each site, including:

  • Waste acceptance controls and procedures
  • Environmental controls and monitoring
  • Strict waste acceptance levels
  • Located within the Auckland Boundaries


Our Managed Fill is consented to receive both Uncontaminated Soils such as Clean fill, and Contaminated Soils that meet our managed fill criteria.

Customers wanting to dispose of Contaminated Soils at one of our sites will first have to supply sample testing results to see if it is within our consented allowed levels of acceptance.

Our facilities are available to account holders and by prior arrangement.


Contact us for your entire spoil disposal requirements on (09) 299 6213